vendredi 8 juin 2012

High Heels Addicted:

High Heels Addicted:
Started looking for a place to live! I will soon have a webcam and much more free time to practice my feminine side! I can't wait to walk around in my high heels and a dress in my appartement :D

Tonight im going shopping for a new pair of socks, like those!

My feet are going to be sexy tonight!!!

jeudi 7 juin 2012

WOW! Would love those in my feets :)

Just a fantasy...

I would do anything to get locked in a chastity cage by my lover... or by my master ;)

Nothing makes your dicklet feel like a clitoris than these cages...

Giving up your manhood to somebody... never know when youll get it back...

Make you crave anal sex... to calm the urges of your cliticock!

Please somebody lock me up!!!!!!

Great Hypno Session!

Hi Everyone!

Hi! My name is Jasmine and i'm a new sissycrossdresser! I watched too many  Videos and now i'm totally addicted to crossdressers porn! I never thought of actually become a real sissy crossdresser no matter what i watched. I bought a lot of sex toys (handcuffs, dildos, buttplugs, mouth gag etc) and sexy outfits to wear (panties, costumes, gloves etc) but nothing never really woke the feminine side in me until last night...

Last night i saw a store with 50% off everything and i stopped to see if there was anything nice in electronics but nithing caught my eye... walking out the store i passed in front of the shoes departement and it was empty! nobody could see me so i finally (after many years of dreaming) went in the high heels section and looked for something sexy... there was nothing but these shoes (see picture) that made me hard and holding them in my hand made me feel sooooo horny!!! i looked around to see if any judging eyes could see me and put the shoe next to my foot to see if i could fit me, and walked to the counter. I saw too many people at the counter and felt really embarassed so i went in the clothing section to grab a kit (blue satin nightrobe with matching g-string and sexy mini dress) to make it look more like a gift than something im going to wear!!! I was sooooo embarassed, red and sweating from shame when i paid that i couldnt watch the cashiers in her eyes! When i finally got out i ran at my car and put the shoes to see if they fit and they were a perfect match (female 8, i have really small feet) I felt like a real girl wearing them the first night, walking around my room... Omg... I camed so hard i did not even needed porn i just looked at my shoes and felt ready to be fucked by a boy!(like every time i jerkoff until i come)

But last night was different, i woke up this morning with the urge of wearing my high heels... i woke up with the urge of become a real sissy... I did not have time because i had to go to work and ALL DAY i thought of my shoes and tried to calmed my urges! When i got home that evening, I jumped on them and walked around for 15 minutes before cuming so hard that i receive a little bit of cum on my face... All my life i wanted to taste cum... i crave it... but everytime i cum i instantly lose my craving... But today was different, i now crave cum after i came so now i cant waste cum anymore... I want to become a cum dumpster...

Here what you should know about me:

Im 20, always been heterosexual, until i started watching shemale porn when i was 18 and since, all i watch is crossdresser and sissy porn and Annamalice Daily Hypno Everyday and it really made me a crossdresser sissy...

NOBODY i know knows about this, and I do not know any other crossdresser nor gay guys, and i want to slowly become a perfect sissy whore.

I never had sexual relation with cd or a boy yet, I'm open to it, but i still have to work on my attraction to boys (I dont really have a attraction to male bodies yet( EXCEPT PENISES AND BALLS)im to female bodies and feminine features and being in a cd-cd couple would be the dream for me.

I still live in my parents basement but i will soon move in appartment alone, to start my real life has a crossdresser whore!! Im supposed to move in 1 to three months, so until then, no webcams and no pictures :( but when i finally move to my appartment my life (outside worktime) will become a real sissy dream come true!

Thanks again AnnaMalice for this great curse!!